10 Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have in 2019

MetaFly | A New Flying Experience.

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Edwin Van Ruymbeke has been working in flight innovative work as long as he can remember. His granddad made the flying mechanical winged creature TIM during the 1960s and Edwin examined aeronautical building and biomimicry. In the wake of crowdfunding the Bionic Bird in 2014, Edwin and his group at BionicBird grew MetaFly, a remote-controlled ornithopter, and are running a Kickstarter battle to subsidize the main creation run.

See more at: https://www.kickstarter.com

Whirlwind FX Vortx

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have


"Inundation." It's turned into an unimportant trendy expression in computer games since it speaks to a fantasy. We may jeer when it's connected to the most recent Battlefield or whatever, however "Inundation" remains a main thrust in the business. We need to feel like we're there, similar to these computerized universes are genuine. In augmented reality, we talk about "Nearness," which is actually only drenching by another name. Be that as it may, at an essential dimension, diversions play much the equivalent in 2018 as they did in 1998: We sit at a PC with a mouse and console and watch pictures on a screen.

VortX guarantees to change that, however—somewhere around one little feature. Charged by its maker Whirlwind FX as "the world's first natural test system for PC gaming," VortX investigates the activity on-screen and blows wind all over to coordinate.

I realized we needed to attempt it, yet would it work? Or then again would VortX demonstrate only a great deal of tourist? Unfortunately, it's for the most part the last mentioned.

I'll state this for VortX: It's an appealing gadget. Throughout the years I've attempted other trial haptic gadgets—gloves and vests to reenact contact, and even a case that created scents. Be that as it may, they were all models, best case scenario, scarcely useful and packed with exposed wires. Not something you'd pitch to customers, at the end of the day.

VortX resembles a completed item, however! It's tremendous, estimating possibly a foot tall and six crawls to a side. It's unquestionably a nearness around my work area. All things considered, it looks top of the line, taking after simply a smaller than expected subwoofer, a dark square shape with a barbecue secured vent on the front, a power catch, and control dial, with the VortX logo in silver as an afterthought.

Also, on the grounds that it's a cutting edge gaming fringe, it illuminates obviously. There's RGB LED underglow on the front and sides, in addition to a ring of light around the dial. 

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have


Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Ludicase is an iPhone case that's all new generation! It combines a Polycarbonate Shell and soft touch materials for uncompromising protection.

It is also a Cool, Playful and Interactive iPhone case that will have your fingers totally addicted!


So grab your phone for an instant destress!


Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Visionary Technology

At OXSIGHT, we produce a range of patented and approved glasses that are transforming the lives of visually impaired people.

Widen Your Outlook

We make glasses that can make a real difference to the daily lives of people with conditions that cause peripheral vision loss. These include Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Myopic Degeneration, Retinopathy of prematurity and other degenerative eye diseases. Our glasses have also helped people with a visual impairment caused following a stroke, such as homonymous hemianopia.

“.What I saw 20 years ago, I never imagined that I’d be able to see that again”

see more at: https://www.oxsight.co.uk 

U-Bolt Pro: The Ultimate 6 in 1 Smart DeadBolt

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

True Keyless & Phoneless Entry. Manage & Control Access From Anywhere.


U-Bolt Pro is the most secure, and the most versatile deadbolt ever created. With Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption and premium alloy construction, it is unbreakable both physically and digitally. 

Never get locked outside with 6 ways to unlock with or without your smartphone:

- Smartphone App
- Fingerprint
- Passcode
- Proximity Unlock
- Magic Shake
- Mechanical Key


Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have


U-Bolt Pro gives you complete control on access and users. Share temporary fingerprint, code, or eKey with a set schedule for the cleaning crow or grant one-time access to a friend.


All communications are encrypted using secure 128-bit AES via an embedded hardware coprocessor. The second layer of protection is the Dynamic Key. This key code is randomized for every single data transfer. Even if somebody were able to capture the AES encrypted data, the Dynamic Key protection would make it impossible to for them to unlock your door.

Keychron K2 - A Sleek, Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

K2 is a super tactile mechanical keyboard featuring the largest battery seen in a mechanical keyboard yet. With 84-keys, K2 is a perfect combination of full-sized mechanical keyboard and ten-keyless keyboard. With dual connectivity (wireless or wired) and both Windows and Mac layouts, the K2 is a perfect fit for any desk. It easily pairs with up to three devices at once and increase your productivity.  


Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Full 360° horizontal x 240° vertical field of view.

Life doesn't just come at you straight on. Which is why the 360fly 4K and 360fly HD put you in the center of the action while capturing the entire world all around you.

360fly 4K First-Person POV.

Go from recording in 360° video to standard 16:9 format and back with ease. With the 360fly 4K's First-Person mode activated, just orient or mount your camera with its lens facing forward and OnePush button centered/facing up and use your 360fly like traditional point-and-shoot action cameras.

360fly mobile and desktop Director apps.

The 360fly mobile app turns your smartphone into your camera's viewfinder and editing suite-and gives you the power to share 360° and standard video directly from your iOS or Android device to social media. With many of the same innovative tools as the 360fly mobile app, the desktop Director lets you use the power of your home computer to edit, add effects to, and share your 360° videos.

See more at: https://www.360fly.com

Hot Pocket | Instant Heat When (and Where) You Need it Most!

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Introducing the world's first heated stuff sack that warms you AND your gear!

You know that feeling of standing next to a campfire on a cold night?

Well, we’ve captured that feeling in the world’s first heated stuff sack! With just the push of a button, the Hot Pocket provides instant warmth exactly where you need it. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Your evening meal still warm in your belly, the campfire now turned to red smoldering ashes. You fall asleep with a peaceful smile on your face, just to awaken suddenly at 2am by the shivering cold. You become restless, your teeth begin chattering, and you just can't get warm!

You’re miserable, freezing, rolling in and out of pitiful sleep knowing this is going to be a long, dreadful night. 

There are options for getting warm. But so few of them actually include SLEEP. 

And isn’t that what you came here to do? 

Now, imagine the same scenario. Only this time when you wake up cold at 2am, you simply drift right back off to sleep in a warm and toasty slumber, because instant warmth is at your fingertips by just the push of a button.

UNO: World's First Cross-Device USB Type-C Magnetic Cable

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have

Charging redefined: Capable of QC3.0, 4.0, Apple Fast Charge & data transfer. Only 1 cable needed for your USB devices.

Meet the UNO Cable, asap Technologies latest innovation in magnetic cables. Unparalleled quality, convenience and aesthetics brought to you by a company who believe that users should be the creators and innovators of products. 

We rely on our phones for just about every part of our day. The way you interact with your phone is crucial to your daily productivity and happiness and we intend to improve that interaction with UNO: the world's first cross-compatible USB-C magnetic USB cable.

The Differences between the UNO Cable and X-Connect Cable 

As you're scrolling down this page, you may be wondering what's so different about this cable? What improvements have we made? We've decided to list them out for you.

  • The UNO cable has a USB-C connector end which is an upgrade from the current USB Type A. This allows a higher power input and output and enables the UNO to be compatible with QC4.0 and Apple Fast charge. 
  • Introduction of an innovative locking mechanism, giving your cable a stronger connection and longer lifespan of up to 40,000 connections.
  • Reduced the size of the LED hole by 40% from 1mm (0.04") to 0.6mm (0.02"), which means less ambient light keeping you up at night.
  • Part of UNO's internal mold is made out of 9T, which is a more temperature resistant material than LCP plastic found on the X-Connect. This means the cable temperature will remain lower whilst charging.
  • The UNO wire thickness has been increased by 20% to handle more charge, bringing QC2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 compatibility as well as Apple Fast Charge. 

Crazy Cool Gadgets You Must Have
  • The UNO cable introduces an improved anti-fray neck, meaning your cables will have increased durability and less chance of cables fraying or snapping at the most common weak point.
  • We've increased the warranty period from the industry standard 1 year to our premium 10-year warranty.
  • Each UNO cable set comes with a 1.5m (4.9ft) cable. A 2.5m (8.2ft) cable is also available for purchase separately.
  • Each UNO set comes with a bonus tip removal tool allowing you to remove the tip from all your devices with ease.
  • For those who are already proud owners of the asap X-Connect cable, the beauty of the UNO cable is that it will be 100% backwards compatible with the tips and cables you already own. This allows you to easily incorporate the UNO cable into your arsenal.
see more at: https://www.kickstarter.com

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